Jumaat, 18 Mac 2011

T-ara chosen to be basketball game characters for JCE’s “Freestyle”

On March 16th, representative Song In Soo of JCE (a South Korean online game developer) introduced popular girl group T-ara as available characters in their basketball game, “Freestyle.” He also revealed that JCE will carry out a commemoration for the event.

Following in the footsteps of Wonder Girls (2008), KARA (2009), and f(x) (2010), T-ara is the fourth group to be added to this list. With their highly addicting and diverse discography, it is no wonder that T-ara is receiving much love as one of the top Korean girl groups from many subscribers.

The in-game characters of “Freestyle” that are being introduced first are none other than Jiyeon and Hyomin, who have been engaged in activities on dramas and various variety programs. Also, Hwayoung, who was brought in last year as a new member, is also a character. The game is grabbing much attention because of the accuracy of the characters’ facial expressions and dance moves to the actual stars.

As a commemoration to the ‘T-ara update’, JCE will give all active users of “Freestyle” 5,000 cache as a present until March 30th. Also, until the 25th, anyone who purchases a ‘T-ara’ character will be given a ‘FS Ball’, which can increase benefits from 3,000 cache to a maximum of 30,000 cache.

JCE’s business director, Jang Ji Woong, stated, “From die-hard fans to new users, we have planned a ‘Freestyle Big Show’ to satisfy the various customers of ‘Freestyle’. In continuation with the T-ara update, please look forward to the soon-to-come third update as well.”

T-ara throws a birthday party for Maden on “T-ara’s Hello Baby”

The members of T-ara personally prepared a birthday party for the youngest of the three toddlers they are raising on their reality program, KBS JOY’s “T-ara’s Hello Baby.”

T-ara invited the help of labelmates Co-Ed to sing and dance cute performances for the maknae, Moon Maden, who was turning one.   Member Hwa Young composed her own rap song with lyrics containing all of the memories she and Maden have made since their first meeting and performed it for the boys.  Soyeon and Hyomin re-wrote a trot song with lyrics more enjoyable for the children as well.

The highlight of any first birthday party is the segment where objects representing certain characteristics about the baby’s future are laid out on a table.  Whichever object the baby chooses is said to give insight into his or her future (such as a book or pencil representing intelligence, money representing wealth, and string representing a long life).

Mason and Mavin both never had such an event at their first birthday parties, and were able to take part in the meaningful event with their younger brother as well.

The celebration was concluded with letters the girls wrote amidst their busy schedules.  The show ended in tears, as the members swelled up with emotional while reading the letters aloud, eventually leading to the Moon brothers’ parents to cry as well.

The episode was broadcast through KBS JOY on January 4th.

T-ara’s Hyomin reveals airplane selcas on way back from Thailand

T-ara’s Hyomin reveals airplane selcas on way back from Thailand

March 15, 2011 9:00 am allkpop

T-ara member Hyomin’s picture from inside a plane has been gathering much attention due to her beautiful aesthetics.

On March 14th, Hyomin tweeted, “Thai-! I have returned safely.^^~ As a matter of fact… Is it because of my clothes…? I totally fell asleep… keke” – along with two pictures of herself. In the pictures, Hyomin is making cute facial expressions while wearing a comfortable polka-dotted shirt and white headphones.
Netizens commented, “You look so cute!”, “Seeing the picture has cheered me up. Thank you^^”, and “Wow~ a doll-like face… So jealous!”

Meanwhile, T-ara (along with TVXQ, SNSD, 2PM, and more) participated in MBC’s 50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert on March 12th at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

Eunjung Covers MISS A in “Dream High, Despite Her Leg Injury!

Eunjung of T-ARA plays Bakhee in Dream High on KBS2. She will be displaying her performance of “Bad Girl Good Girl” by Miss A on an upcoming episode of Dream High broadcasting on January 11th.

What a trooper, you know? She was last seen in a giant cast on her leg, yet her activities have not ceased. And in fact, she performs this dance with grace and power. Amazing.

JYP has a role in the drama and assisted in the choreography for Eunjung. According to the experienced producer, “For Eunjung’s stage, the song, the dance, everything was done well and she presented the same feeling. It will be a great performance to show everyone.”

‘Sleeping Eunjung’, 3 more pictures revealed

Eunjung’s sleeping habit is revealed again as more pictures of her sleeping surface.

The pictures show Eunjung randomly sleeping anywhere. She says “These photographs were taken while I was asleep! Because of my schedule busy, I’m so tired. I dont even wash my face and leave my eye make-up on when I fall asleep”

“My manager and stylist likes to take pictures like these and reveal them online. They look cute, but I only want to show my pretty T-ara side. I will try not to sleep randomly!”

Eunjung has been cast as one of the lead actors in KBS ‘Dream High’ as Yoon BaekHee and people are all praise for acting skills

T-ara’s Boram “Really Really Likes You”!

Here are 2 latest photos of T-ara’s leader Boram performing for her musical “Really Really Like You”.
All the best to Boram and can’t wait to see T-ara’s comeback stage again!
Credits to tiaradiadem for the photos!

T-ara’s Jiyeon shows off a new hairstyle

On March 17th, T-ara’s Jiyeon showed off a completely different hairstyle through her Twitter account.
After uploading the above photo, she wrote, “Curly, curly… Today, too, fighting!”

Jiyeon is seen rocking a curly hairstyle with her chin against a desk. Her lack of makeup and her pouting expression caused many to comment that she looked like a frail high school student.

Netizens mused, “I thought you only had a mature look, but it looks like you are an innocent high school student after all”, “You look different with your hair like that”, “You’re a cutie”, and “Your hair looks a little messy, but I like it because it’s natural.”